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A Special Fundraiser Show for
Robert JM Productions

written and performed by Robert Matson
The story of how one man overcomes and embraces his “powerful effeminance”.
May 9,10,16,17
Actors Warehouse Studio, 30 NE 52nd St.
$12 at Ticketstorm.com / $15 at the door

Drag Float
Total drag disaster happens when the Big Queens ship sinks during the Celebrity Illusion Pageant, leaving a group of drag queens, lesbians in love and a mom stranded in the middle of the ocean.
August 15,16,22,23,29,30
The Boom Dinner Theatre, 2218 NW 39th
*Updated Cast Information

Queens Bed
It’s a wild sex romp when the Queen of a small country tries to rule the world with her bed.
written and directed by Robert Matson
April 11,12,18,19,25,26
The Boom Dinner Theatre, 2218 NW 39th

Dinner Service at 6:30 pm/ Performance at 8 pm
Queens Bed

Tickets: $15.00 / Tickets/Reservations

*This play contains sexual situations and language.

Costume Design by Karalyn Merrit
Bed Design by Terry Lee

For questions or show information:
562-6877 / robertjmprod@cox.net

The Cast of The Queen's Bed
Kris schinske
Kris Schinske
as Queen Coquette
Todd Clark
Todd Clark
as King Spire
Chris Briscoe
Chris Briscoe
as Admiral Bellicose,
Glum, Count
Courtney Hahne
Courtney Hahne
Hugger Mugger
Clayton Blair
Clayton Blair
as Leech
Dougie Rankin
Dougie Rankin
as Tingle,
 Lord Homely
TnT Burlesque star Apple Angel
as Tweet
Apple Angel
       Jackie SmolaLance Overdorff
        Jackie Smola       Lance Overdorff
        as Lady Huff         as Sir Omnivorous