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A Sneak Peek of Season 2015

Individual Ticket Price - $17
Season Ticket Price -$55
(20% Discount)
Purchase a season ticket for all four plays at Actors Warehouse Studio
*Does not include Beneath the Zipper*
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A collection of four mini LGBT comedies about life, love and a very bad wish.
Jan. 23,24, 30,31, Feb. 6,7 at 8 pm
2 pm Sunday matinee- Feb. 1
Location: Actors Warehouse Studio

Marriage equality has passed in Oklahoma and when two men want to get married in the small town of Frogville, all heck breaks out and a panic ensues.
Mar. 6,7,13,14,20,21
Location: Actors Warehouse Studio

mr and mister
A gay drama set in the 1860's about a school teacher and a rancher who fall in love and try to hide their feelings from their friends and each other.
April 3,4,10,11,17,18
Location: Actors Warehouse Studio

Queer things happen on Pride day to a family who celebrate the "gay" holiday in a different and twisted way.
May 15,16,22,23,29,30
Location: Actors Warehouse Studio

The penis celebration unzips for another round of fun, condoms and laughter in this all male comedy.
July 24,25,31, Aug. 1,7,8
Location: The Boom Dinner Theatre

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Robert JM Productions in 2015
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Holly McNatt Todd Clark Erin Honious Robert Matson
     Holly McNatt          Todd Clark         Erin Honious    Robert Matson

A collection of four mini LGBT comedies.

Wish ReturnedWISH RETURNED - Nicky wishes for a new
boyfriend, Hugh Jackman, but when he
receives the wrong Hugh, Nicky wants to
return his wish. Can he?
Holly McNatt as Penelope Posh
Robert Matson as Nicky
Todd Clark as Hugh Jackman

Kates Bush
KATE'S BUSH - Kate's new girlfriend
 is allergic to Kate's bush so it must go
but the bush has the final word.
Erin Honious as Kate
Holly McNatt as Kate's Bush

Grow UpWHEN I GROW UP - Nine year old
Chrysanthemum presents her speech
about what she wants to be when
she grows up; a boy.
Erin Honious as Chrysanthemum
Robert Matson as Mr. Hipper

Bi Bi
BI-BI - It's total farce when Dick flip-flops his way  between two dates on the same night.
Todd Clark as Dick
Erin Honious as Cupcake
Holly McNatt as Lorraine
Robert Matson as Lars

For questions or show information:
562-6877 / robertjmprod@cox.net


Robert Matson's period gay drama,
MR. AND MISTER, received 2nd place in
the playwriting competition funded by The
Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation. He was
awarded a $1,500 cash prize for his play.
mr and mIster
, is a gay drama set in the
1860's. The play tells the story of two men,
a school teacher and a rancher, who try to
fight their feelings for each other.  It is a
place and time when homosexuality wasn't
even a word as the two men discover who
they really are.

The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation,
based out of New York, holds yearly
literary competitions for works that concern
LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) 
life and that are based on, or inspired by,
a historical person, culture, event or work
of art.

MR. AND MISTER, will be staged again
in the 2015 season (April 3-18) of Robert
JM Productions. "This will give the audience
a second chance to see this play and why
it was given a wonderful recognition
and award."

Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation
Click to read the article on OutHistory.org